The arch of a foot is made up of metatarsal and tarsal bones. And tendons and ligaments are the main source for their strength. That is how they are able to support the body weight. The arches in the foot shape the pronation and the foot type as well. Those people with low arch don’t have curves on the inside of their feet. People with this type of feet over pronate and it leads to injuries.

There are also some people who don’t have arch at all in their foot and those who have those kinds of feet are called flat feet. They are also the ones who should be careful when shopping for running shoes. The main thing they should be looking in their shoe is support and stability. At the same time those who are severe over pronators should also combine the support and stability features with motion control.

Some of the best trail running shoes for women are from new balance, brooks, Asics, Nike and some few other more. These shoe brands offer some of the best pair of shoes for over pronators. Their shoes also come with lots of stability. You will also find out that their shoes are perfect combination of support and lightweight. Some of the most perfectly balanced shoes for people with flat feet will be found from the above mentioned brands.

Stability shoes come mainly with dual density foam which is made of hard compound foam. You will find the foam inserted right under the mid foot and at the back of the shoe. If you have flat feet you don’t necessarily have to go for motion control shoes there are lots of stability shoes which you can try. Whichever types you choose make sure you are wearing one when you are going to be running or walking for a long time. These shoes are available for mild to moderate over pronators. These shoes are specially designed for people with flat feet to help them run better.


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