At present, there are various websites and even phone applications that can be used as a platform for casual dating, hookups, friendship, and the like. Craigslist is a privately owned company that seeks to provide classified advertisements. The business was found in the year 1995 and is still in existence. However, its Craigslist personals have been erased from the website. Such personals are usually applied in classified advertisement sections where a special column is set up for short personal communication purposes. It was later erased out as underage users begun to misuse it for sexual services. Due to misuse for illegal reasons, Craigslist personal was erased from the official website.

However, there are now as many different websites that offer similar services. Sex trafficking cannot be eliminated or destroyed by erasing out personals from a classified advertisement providing service. There are other alternate websites such as Fetfile classified, adult friend finder, Grindr, Locanto,, Switter, and many more.

One alternate replacement for craigslist personals is the Craigslist activities. From the website of Craigslist, the activities section enables the user to find other users for casual dating. Since Craigslist serves over 70 different countries, a user seeking casual dating partners can easily set up their advertisements on the website and wait for the right one to show up. Even better, the user can look up for similar interests through the activities section. There are, however, drawbacks to posting a picture or setting up sexually related titles.

With the vast access to over 70 different countries, users can easily exchange numbers and emails. More importantly, it is a great platform for posting advertisements that enable users to meet potential clients and customers. Similarly, there is the existence of various websites that promote casual dating. Some promote it discreetly while others promote it without sexual content, titles, and pictures. There is, however, websites that process it with full swing. Websites like Fetlife classified enables users to update profile pictures, also providing no-cost service.


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